Achieve all the benefits of palletless handling of unitized loads in your manufacturing and distribution operation. Cascade’s D-Series Carton Clamps allow efficient handling of a wide range of low-, medium- and high-density products including consumer paper products, appliances, consumer electronics, wine, packaged foods (canned or boxed), chemicals and plastics.

Carton Clamps



■ Proven arm and aluminum frame construction ensures long useful life of the clamp.

■ Unique pivoting arm and stabilizer design allows superior clamping force distribution for secure and damage free handling of a wide range of product types.

■ Thin arm profiles allow for stacking loads tightly in the warehouse.

■ Superior arm-slide bearing material and design extends bearing life and maintains balanced clamp force distribution.

■ Rubber faced aluminum contact pads are standard and provide a high coefficient of friction to securely hold loads.

■ Regenerative hydraulic valving is standard for optimal arm speed.

Fork Positioners



■ Class II or III, 5,500 & 6,500 lb. capacities

■ OEM load backrest compatibility

■ No-weld installation

■ 4 or 5 inch fork carriers

■ 60" maximum fork length

■ 51" maximum frame width

■ Zinc plated corrosion resistant components

■ Forks not included


Multi Load Handler



■ Full 27" pallet spread allows you to spread pallets against

the outer trailer walls without excessive carriage widths. With the 72" unit, two 32" pallets may be spread to the outer walls of a 102" trailer.

■ Excellent driver visibility is achieved by design of the false carriage, sideshifters and backrests. This design gives drivers the best possible visibility over and through the structure.

■ Mounts on standard 36" truck carriage without welding or modifications. This feature saves the added costs of purchasing and servicing extended width truck carriages.

■ Heavy-duty load backrests are engineered for typical doublewide industrial applications with demanding durability requirements. The vertical bar, double plate design provides both strength and visibility.

Paper Roll Clamps



■ No need to change driver habits.

■ Driver can use normal operating procedure: Close clamp arms on load and then hoist load off ground.

■ Hydraulics can be feathered to allow driver to control clamp force on extremely small, light loads.

■ Quick Installation only requires tapping into the Hoist, Clamp and Open lines.

■ Low maintenance system does not require an accumulator to charge the system (which can lose charge).


Push Pull



The result is the E-Series push/ pull, a lift truck attachment that:


■ Raises productivity by giving the driver better visibility and a faster, smoother operating attachment.

■ Features the strength and durability to provide years of simple, trouble free operation.

■ Delivers high net truck capacity.

■ Protects both slipsheets and loads from damage.

■ Provides fast, smooth operation with high pull force and low energy consumption.





■ Proven Rugged Construction- Cascade’s gear drive box

and ring gear design provides superior service life.

■ Center Bearing Seal- locks out contamination and brine

for extended life in fi sh & brine applications.

■ Visibility- The G-Series Rotators provide superior visibility

through the center, side, and over the top of the rotator.

■ Rotational Torque- High torque motor, ensures smooth,

positive rotation of the load.

■ Forks- Rotators may be ordered with standard forks,

custom forks or without forks.


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